Family dinner

My family will be coming to dine with ChrisTonite on Febuary 12th. My mom and her sisters will join for a surprise 4-course dinner and wines. I still have to figure out the menu but the choices are broad. Not very picky eaters, so that’s always good.

Lamb roast

Pictures from last night’s ChrisTonite. The highlight was that the wines I had picked matched very well with the courses, so the year at the academy paid off. The Riesling and the beet salad with tarragon mayonnaise were an awesome match! The white Bergerac wine suited the mackerel terrine perfectly. Sadly, the terrine itself failed to harden…


Had a great evening last Monday with Chris-Thai-nite! A record 9 guests attended, including myself, and it was the first time I welcomed people who are not direct friends or family. So a big thank you to an old friend of my parents: John and his daughter who gave the dinner as a birthday present…

Chicken tonight!

The menu for next week will be around chicken. I found a real poultry shop near the biological butcher that got me my veal. I hope to get a real Label Rouge chicken from France, as it is a real treat (but expensive).

Veal menu was successful

Yesterday, I had a full table with 7 guests and myself. I also put down my new tablecloth for the first time. And promptly spilled red wine on it, of course. Twice! The veal fond with Cognac was very nice and the salade with baked veal liver, apple, onions and bacon was a pleasant surprise…

Next ChrisTonite menu: veal

I am all set for Monday. I have 3+ pounds of veal, kalfssukade, and am currently preparing the veal fond. A fond is like a bouillon but used to season dishes and sauces. After the bones are browned, i will use the oven to slow cook the veal inside a vacuum sealed bag. On Monday…

New menu choices

Been thinking about the new menu. Veal or chicken? I love veal and have a great saltimbocca recipe from Romano (Capo Cucina) . Works great for a starter or main course.

Premier dinner half full

I sent out the invitations for my premier dinner last night and it filled up quickly. I only have four seats left for my premier dinner at ChrisTonite, so if you still want to be there on Monday March 21st at 7pm, be quick. Introductory price is €35 p.p. including drinks and tea/coffee, so what…

More work

Updated my first menu. Only suggested wines left to do, if I decide to do that. Ups the costs significantly and since I’ll host on Mondays, people still have to make it back home. Some perhaps even by car.