Crèpes Suzettes

Last weekend I had both sets of parents in the house and naturally I had to impress the in-laws a little. I love the desert “Crèpes Suzettes” to death and I hadn’t made them in a while, so I spend Saturday practicing the famous desert again.

Private dinner

Last week, old friends wanted to visit Den Haag and have dinner at my place with 2 others. So I set out to create a great 3 course dinner for them. They liked lamb and fish. So I made an Italian minestrone from scratch. Slow cooked lamb shoulder, root celery with chestnuts puree, tomato salad…

Lamb roast

Pictures from last night’s ChrisTonite. The highlight was that the wines I had picked matched very well with the courses, so the year at the academy paid off. The Riesling and the beet salad with tarragon mayonnaise were an awesome match! The white Bergerac wine suited the mackerel terrine perfectly. Sadly, the terrine itself failed to harden…

ChrisTonite: lamb roast

My sister made reservations for next week and left me no choice but to make a lamb dish. Since I also love lamb, I am going to make a slow-cooked lamb roast. I’ll first slow-cook the lamb roast au-bain-marie in the oven for 6-8 hours at 90C and grill it before serving it to the…

First 5 course dinner

July marked the first 5 course dinner for ChrisTonite. I had only close friends over and a sold-out house with 8 guests. The French-style menu was complemented with an extraordinary wine from Jiménez-Landi, Spain, a 2008 Cantos del Diablo. A small vineyard that produces biological wine and only brings out bottles if the harvest and…

Christonite: French chicken and lamb

Chicken Provençal,  Navarin d’agneau and Fois Gras de canard. Hmmm, tonight a special treat for my good friends who’re coming to diner.

Lamb roast

Baked the 5 pound (2.5 kg) lamb roast yesterday in the oven. Wanted to slow cook it but my tray wasn’t deep enough to cover it with enough water. So I browned it in the frying pan first and then baked it in the oven at 140C for 5 hrs until the core reached 60C.