Chicken Gizzard

Preparing chicken gizzards make a cheap and tasty appetizer.

First 5 course dinner

July marked the first 5 course dinner for ChrisTonite. I had only close friends over and a sold-out house with 8 guests. The French-style menu was complemented with an extraordinary wine from Jiménez-Landi, Spain, a 2008 Cantos del Diablo. A small vineyard that produces biological wine and only brings out bottles if the harvest and…

Christonite: French chicken and lamb

Chicken Provençal,  Navarin d’agneau and Fois Gras de canard. Hmmm, tonight a special treat for my good friends who’re coming to diner.

ChrisTonite: Thai food

Next week marks another ChrisTonite. The Thai food I had prepared for last time was great but sadly there were no reservations, so I ate them myself. But it was great to make them and I want to get better, so I’m making Thai food again. Monday, June 13th is an official holiday in Holland,…

Next ChrisTonite menu: chicken

I’ve put up the menu for next week, Monday April 18th. It’s centered around chicken. Off course not just any chicken, but a great, farmed, well fed and nurtured French Label Rouge chicken. If I can’t get one – or if it is simply too expensive – I’ll opt for the also excellent Bresse chicken…

Chicken tonight!

The menu for next week will be around chicken. I found a real poultry shop near the biological butcher that got me my veal. I hope to get a real Label Rouge chicken from France, as it is a real treat (but expensive).

New menu choices

Been thinking about the new menu. Veal or chicken? I love veal and have a great saltimbocca recipe from Romano (Capo Cucina) . Works great for a starter or main course.