Cannelés de bordeaux

I’ve been meaning to make my own “cannelés de bordeaux” for years now, ever since I made them once while on a culinary internship in France back in 2010. Yes, that long. So I decided it was time! The recipe is not that hard, but getting the dosage of rum down perfectly takes some practice…

Specialty Coffee

I became a barista in June 2017 and decided to create a list on amazon that collects some of the best gear you will also need (or want) if you decide to get serious with coffee yourself. An espresso is great, believe me, but real specialty coffee is made using a filter method and can…

Dinner Party After Hurricane Irma

hosting a private dinner party for 6 guests. Nothing special but it is the first dinner after hurricane Irma hit Sint Maarten on Sept 6th 2017. So somehow it feels like a big deal.

ChrisTonite on ShareDnD

There is a new platform for diningroom restaurants in the Netherlands: (Drink and Dine). I’ve added ChrisTonite there as well in order to gain more visitors.

Dinner with Aegon

Had the pleasure of hosting an evening this Spring with 8 lovely people from Aegon who opted for a 4-course all-in menu with matching wines. I created a Spring-themed menu for them and paired it with wines from my local supplier Cor from Welcome2Wine. Zucchini cream soup Vegetarian lasagna with puree of carrots and parsnip…

Chicken Gizzard

Preparing chicken gizzards make a cheap and tasty appetizer.

Birthday special cancelled

I have to be at work this Monday so I won’t have a ChrisTonite on Oct 21st. I’ll party in groningen instead!

Franciacorta sparkling wines

All sparkling wines are champagne, right? Wrong! There is the methode champenoise or methode traditionelle, but there are also other methods. Crucial is the 2nd fermentation in the bottle that adds the bubbles. Some additional sugars and yeast are added to the wine after its regular fermentation (hence the second fermentation). Different is how long this 2nd…

ChrisTonite has a Facebook page

ChrisTonite has Facebook page Just created a Facebook page for ChrisTonite. Of course, I’ve had a Google+ page for ever, but having both is a good idea either way.

Back in business

I’m happy to say that I’ve reopened ChrisTonite. From now on I’ll reopen once a month on Sunday or Monday for dining in my diningroom restaurant. If you have a small group of people (up to 10 people) and you’d like to have me cater a dinner for you and up to 9 of your…

First 5 course dinner

July marked the first 5 course dinner for ChrisTonite. I had only close friends over and a sold-out house with 8 guests. The French-style menu was complemented with an extraordinary wine from Jiménez-Landi, Spain, a 2008 Cantos del Diablo. A small vineyard that produces biological wine and only brings out bottles if the harvest and…

Christonite: French chicken and lamb

Chicken Provençal,  Navarin d’agneau and Fois Gras de canard. Hmmm, tonight a special treat for my good friends who’re coming to diner.