Next ChrisTonite menu: veal

I am all set for Monday. I have 3+ pounds of veal, kalfssukade, and am currently preparing the veal fond. A fond is like a bouillon but used to season dishes and sauces. After the bones are browned, i will use the oven to slow cook the veal inside a vacuum sealed bag. On Monday…

New menu choices

Been thinking about the new menu. Veal or chicken? I love veal and have a great saltimbocca recipe from Romano (Capo Cucina) . Works great for a starter or main course.

Lamb roast

Baked the 5 pound (2.5 kg) lamb roast yesterday in the oven. Wanted to slow cook it but my tray wasn’t deep enough to cover it with enough water. So I browned it in the frying pan first and then baked it in the oven at 140C for 5 hrs until the core reached 60C.