Crèpes Suzettes

Last weekend I had both sets of parents in the house and naturally I had to impress the in-laws a little. I love the desert “Crèpes Suzettes” to death and I hadn’t made them in a while, so I spend Saturday practicing the famous desert again.

Kaiserschmarren and icewine

Made a dessert for Marianne on her birthday to go with the second icewine from Canada. Austrian Kaisersmarren. Bit of improvisation but the result was excellent!

Cabernet Franc icewine

Last year i brought back 3 small bottles of icewine from Canadian wine makers Magnotta. To celebrate Marianne’s graduation I created a special dessert to match this wine.

Research dinner

Last night, 7 old colleagues from KPN Research dropped by for a little reunion, catch-up and dining. I started them on a welcome drink: DeuS, a champagne beer. Beer that’s had a 2nd fermentation in the bottle just like champagne does. Starters was a fresh home-made chicken soup with a little curry and parsley, quickly…

Getting creative for family

Last weekend my aunts and uncles came together to wine and dine. They regularly do this but chose ChrisTonite this time. I made a 4 course creative menu for them that was supposed to show some new flavors and different dishes.

Private dinner

Last week, old friends wanted to visit Den Haag and have dinner at my place with 2 others. So I set out to create a great 3 course dinner for them. They liked lamb and fish. So I made an Italian minestrone from scratch. Slow cooked lamb shoulder, root celery with chestnuts puree, tomato salad…


Had a great evening last Monday with Chris-Thai-nite! A record 9 guests attended, including myself, and it was the first time I welcomed people who are not direct friends or family. So a big thank you to an old friend of my parents: John and his daughter who gave the dinner as a birthday present…

Mother’s Day

The fish menu was very nice. Sauce Chivry is delicious. Elaborate but worth it. Seawolf is terrific, harty, tasteful and great when grilled. Bisque also turned out fine but i should have reduced it more. Oh well. Cook and learn!

ChrisTonite on Mother’s Day: fish

I’ve have published the menu for Mother’s Day, next Sunday May 8th, so go ahead and make your reservations! Bring mom! 🙂 It will be a light menu, suited for mother’s and if there is room for extras, I may offer a small cheese plate before dessert. That way, men will also leave with their…

Next ChrisTonite menu: chicken

I’ve put up the menu for next week, Monday April 18th. It’s centered around chicken. Off course not just any chicken, but a great, farmed, well fed and nurtured French Label Rouge chicken. If I can’t get one – or if it is simply too expensive – I’ll opt for the also excellent Bresse chicken…

Chicken tonight!

The menu for next week will be around chicken. I found a real poultry shop near the biological butcher that got me my veal. I hope to get a real Label Rouge chicken from France, as it is a real treat (but expensive).