Cannelés de bordeaux

I’ve been meaning to make my own “cannelés de bordeaux” for years now, ever since I made them once while on a culinary internship in France back in 2010. Yes, that long.

So I decided it was time! The recipe is not that hard, but getting the dosage of rum down perfectly takes some practice and depends on the other ingredients. The more eggs you add, the fluffier the little cakes but the more rum you need. Here are my samples:

cannelés de bordeaux
3 batches of homemade cannelés de bordeaux

They came out fine but you have to play with the amount of time they spend in the oven at a very high temperature which caramelises the outside a little. Not too much. While the first batch on the left seems too dark, they turned out super after letting them cool. The dark sugars on the outside turned perfectly chewy after half an hour.

The other batches were better right away but became too soft and lost their texture after a day or less. So now you know!