Gourmet Dinner For Two

Sometimes the Italian way of cooking, a few flavors matched perfectly, is still the best way to go when making a gourmet dinner for two. It means less prep time, less flavors to get right and less complicated to enjoy.

I love getting a 2-4 pound roast in the oven, baking it slow for a longer time and then grilling it for 5 min in the end to get that perfect crust.

Chuck Roast with fresh tortellini and spinach

Couple the pink meat with white fresh pasta and green fresh spinach and you can have dinner on the table within 20 minutes after your partner gets home! 🙂

Match the meat and pasta with a nice chilled red Loire wine, or a rosé from Grenache or syrah grapes, and live is beautiful. A more common Merlot or Sangiovese from South America will also go very well. Not too many tannins, that’s too heavy.