Crèpes Suzettes

Last weekend I had both sets of parents in the house and naturally I had to impress the in-laws a little. I love the desert “Crèpes Suzettes” to death and I hadn’t made them in a while, so I spend Saturday practicing the famous desert again.

Sunday I got started early on spent most of the day doing the mis-en-place for the evening, trying to push the envelope to the limit and really already prepare most of the dishes, their ingredients and condiments. It’s a real challenge for me, because I always think “ah that’s easy I can do that last-minute when I need it”, only to find out I should’ve prepared more.

So this time I did as much as could, regardless of how “useful” I felt it would be. Of course, it turns out to have been a great decision. Dinner went very well, almost as planned and turn-over between courses was down to 10 minutes max. Here is the menu of last weekend:

  • Rocket salad with cold marinated carrots with caraway seeds and star anise and cooked red beets
  • Luke warm salad of lamb “merguez” sausages with marinated carrots
  • Slow cooked lamb shoulder in its own sauce and baked lamb chop with a parsnip/yam puree and grilled cauliflower with garlic and caraway seeds
  • Crèpes Suzettes

crepes suzettes