Chicken Gizzard

While on the Haagse Market, I ran across a busy at all selling poultry. Duck, chicken, mostly. And loads of people bought chicken liver and Gizzard. At less than a Euro per pound, it’s so cheap I just couldn’t resist. It had to be good or people would simply ignore it…

Chicken liver make for a great Italian appetizer. But gizzards were harder. While duck gizzards (French: geziers) are readily eaten in France, chicken Gizzards are tougher. I found a recipe for stewing some for an hour or more, cooling them overnight and reheating them the next day. The broth they boiled in makes a great soup base.
The gizzards themselves, when thrown into batter with some spicy pepper and citrus zest, and baked in a but of butter until golden brown, are delicious and juicy just as duck gizzards (geziers).