Smoked eel experiment


I did a little experiment with smoked eel, an old traditional fish in the Netherlands and largely gone due to overfishing and environmental issues of smoking fish. Smoked eel on toast is a delicacy here and a treat to those of us old enough to remember it. I wanted a little variety so I decided to play around with three pieces of toast:

Eel straight up, au natural so to speak
Eel with a dash of creme de prunes from France
Eel with the prune creme but also some creme de chassis

I added the latter because the creme de prunes is hard to smear on the slippery eel. So i wanted to make it less viscous. The cassis, blueberry liquor, also freshen the deep Smokey flavors and brightens it a little. It rounds off the fishy taste and will make it much more accessible to everyone. The garnishof celery leaves is largely a color choice but is better than parsley or so, because it acts as a flavor enhancer too.