Riesling icewine and puff pastry

With the last little bottle of Magnotta icewine I had to try something different. puff pastry!

Since the Riesling grape is very high in acids but still deliciously sweet and honey/raisin like, dessert was complicated. On one hand it had to be fresh and acidic. But the after taste had to match the wonderful rich golden sweetness of icewine. So…

I chose to make puff pastry with a filling of sweet apples and strawberries. However the pastry matched the acids but not quite the sweet rich golfen after taste. So i think i have to try again and fill the pastry with teaspoon of honey and golden roasted nuts. However, i am all out of icewine now so It’ll be a dry run. unless i find some more Riesling icewine…

next time,  I’ll have pictures though.

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  1. Keep on trying, tasting, hoping. (I had in mind Buddy Holly’s Crying, waiting, hoping. This comes close. :-))

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