Cabernet Franc icewine

Last year i brought back 3 small bottles of icewine from Canadian wine makers Magnotta. To celebrate Marianne’s graduation I created a special dessert to match this wine.

I made fresh tortellini with cheese and walnuts with spinach, mushrooms and ricotta sauce.

Dessert was a puree of strawberries, red berries and a frozen boysenberry (aka Blackberry) sorbet. Fresh mint and caramel cookies made the match with the freshness and sultry flavors of the icewine.

Dessert to match Canadian Cabernet Franc icewine
Dessert with strawberry puree, red berries and blackberry sorbet
Magnotta’s Cabernet Franc icewine


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  1. Congratulations Marianne!
    I hope diner tasted as good at it ‘sounds’.
    Isn’t this caramel cookie called a ‘kletskop’ in Dutch? I love them.

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