Catering: Chef at home

Well, last Monday was a first: good menu but no reservations. I don’t know if it was too soon after the last event or if chicken was not to people’s liking or if they simply couldn’t make it that day. Anyway, I had prepared some food but not too much. Still, too much to eat by myself – even for me – so I took a leap: catering. I called two friends who had said they wanted to come but couldn’t arrange babysit in time. Instead of they coming to me, I packed up my stuff and went to them. I cooked the whole dinner at their place. They even invited their neighbors to join in as well.

So it was a great night, despite having no reservations. It also once again illustrated why I am not so eager about catering: the stress building up to the moment you leave your house with all the stuff and the fear of forgetting something crucial is absolutely killing. Of course, it is all an exercise in letting go, but… the stress levels are enormous for a prepectionist like me. 🙂

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  1. Good save! 😀

    checklists, complete menus and obviously experience will ease the stress of forgetting something.

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