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KPN research visiting

Next week, 8 of my old colleagues are visiting me. It started with 4 reservations but quickly grew to 8. I had set a limit at 10 anyway because I don’t have more chairs.

I already ordered a biological veal shank for next Saturday. I’ll slow cook it into luscious tenderness. And I’ll check local growers at versvandekweeker.nl for my produce.

Veal menu was successful


Yesterday, I had a full table with 7 guests and myself. I also put down my new tablecloth for the first time. And promptly spilled red wine on it, of course. Twice!

The veal fond with Cognac was very nice and the salade with baked veal liver, apple, onions and bacon was a pleasant surprise to many. Told you!

My slow cooked veal (6 hrs au bain marie in a vacuum bag in the oven at 75 Celsius) was awesome and turned out perfectly! The vacuum seal collected all juices and I used these to make a heavenly sauce with it! Amazing how much taste a sauce can hold…

Lastly, my crèpes Suzette were perfect! Finally had the sauce down perfectly. So yummie!

Now about next week…

Next ChrisTonite menu: veal

I am all set for Monday. I have 3+ pounds of veal, kalfssukade, and am currently preparing the veal fond. A fond is like a bouillon but used to season dishes and sauces.

After the bones are browned, i will use the oven to slow cook the veal inside a vacuum sealed bag. On Monday i can then open the bag, briefly fry the veal in a few minutes and serve it!