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ChrisTonite: Thai menu

Although short notice, next week on Monday I will hold the first dinner in a long time. It will be a Thai themed menu again, as I’ve had before. It will be familiar and give me a chance to bring myself up to speed again.

Please use my reservation page to reserve your space and use foursquare to gain extra benefits.

Hope to see you on Monday!

ChrisTonite: Thai food

Next week marks another ChrisTonite. The Thai food I had prepared for last time was great but sadly there were no reservations, so I ate them myself. But it was great to make them and I want to get better, so I’m making Thai food again.

Monday, June 13th is an official holiday in Holland, so everyone should be able to make it! I already have 2 7 reservations, so I have room for 1-2 more guests… Please also tell your friends to register for the site so they get notifications about the dates when I’m open.