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Had a great evening last Monday with Chris-Thai-nite! A record 9 guests attended, including myself, and it was the first time I welcomed people who are not direct friends or family. So a big thank you to an old friend of my parents: John and his daughter who gave the dinner as a birthday present to her dad.

My menu went very well. Pictures above. Big surprise was how well the Mango cake turned out. A bit moist still, but great taste and I’ll surely try to optimize the recipe.

ChrisTonite: Thai food

Next week marks another ChrisTonite. The Thai food I had prepared for last time was great but sadly there were no reservations, so I ate them myself. But it was great to make them and I want to get better, so I’m making Thai food again.

Monday, June 13th is an official holiday in Holland, so everyone should be able to make it! I already have 2 7 reservations, so I have room for 1-2 more guests… Please also tell your friends to register for the site so they get notifications about the dates when I’m open.