How it works

Here is how dining at ChrisTonite works:

Using the Mailing List

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  1. You sign up for the ChrisTonite mailing list
  2. About one week in advance, you’ll receive an invitation containing information about the current menu and its price
  3. You react quickly and reserve yourself and up to 3 friends a seat
  4. You get a confirmation of your reservation
  5. You Dine With ChrisTonite at 7pm on the indicated Saturday or Sunday
  6. You tell all your friends to sign up too, of course!

Advance Reservations

Alternatively, up to 4 seats can be booked using advance reservations for any given available date (check the ChrisTonite Calendar).

  1. Check the Calendar and choose your preferred date
  2. Make a reservation for a specific date (for yourself and up to 3 other people)
  3. Receive a confirmation about your advance reservation
  4. Sign up for the ChrisTonite mailing list (optional)
  5. Dine With ChrisTonite at 7pm on the reserved date

This way, you are guaranteed to have a spot but you will not know the menu nor its price until the day itself. That is a consequence of the advance reservation.

Expect each dinner to cost between €30-50 per person. This includes all drinks: water, wine(s), juice, soda, coffee and tea. If there is a matching wine selection for each course, there may be a surcharge. But an invitation from the mailing list will always list the price and details about any surcharges.

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